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AniMan Solutions, Inc.

Phone: 615-688-8425

Fax: 615-688-8426

Email: office@animanag.com

Copyright 2012


ANIMAN SOLUTIONS constantly monitors new products that help to maximize work efficiency.  Working efficiently means more productivity and accomplishment over the course of a day.  ANIMAN SOLUTIONS offers the new innovative products to assist in making efficiency a reality.

 Our product line includes:

Schuck Cushioned Hitches

300 Series Cushioned Hitches
750 lb. Tongue Weight
20,000 lb. Load Rating

700 Series Cushioned Hitches
1,000 lb. Tongue Weight
40,000 lb. Load Rating
800 Series Cushioned Hitches
2,000 lb. Tongue Weight
50,000 lb. Load Rating for 2 ton trucks


Montezuma Tool Storage Solutions

Classic 72" 15 Drawer Roller Cabinet 18" Side Shelf Elite 72" 17-Drawer Roller Cabinet 41" Top Chest & Roller Cabinet 72" 13-Drawer Top Chest
72" Top Hutch 72" Side Locker 18" 2-Shelf Side Box 56" Top Chest & Roller Cabinet


Brown Welding Grille Guards and Bumpers

Grill Guards Available for most models
Designed for rough usage
Round tube wrap around protects the entire front of the vehicle
Heavy duty rock screen protects grill
*Euro style available for most models*

Rear Bumpers Available in 8'', 10'', or 12'' drops
Class IV V-5 Rating
(The highest legal rating for truck bumpers.)
All mounting hardware included


Also Available - Trailer lighting and wiring products.

Life on a farm is a
school of patience; you
can't hurry the crops or
make an ox in two days.

Henri Alain

“Common sense isn't
as common as you
might think.”