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AniMan Solutions, Inc.

Phone: 615-688-8425

Fax: 615-688-8426

Email: office@animanag.com

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AniMan Solutions is proud to offer its customers a full line of animal health services.  We work with some of the leading veterinarians in the industry to bring sound health and management advice to each operation. 

ANIMAN SOLUTIONS offers a full line of animal health items for any need.  Most animal health products can be delivered directly to the customers’ door in 48 hours or less. 

ANIMAN SOLUTIONS offers all the major brands of products as well as many other cutting edge technology companies.   



Let the farmer forevermore be honored in his calling; for they
who labor in the earth are the
chosen people of God.
- Thomas Jefferson

 “Through the days of love and
celebration and joy, and
through the dark days of
mourning-the faithful horse has
been with us always.”