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AniMan Solutions, Inc.

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Kent Nutrition Group

AniMan Solutions is proud to distribute products developed and manufactured by the Kent Nutrition Group.  Kent has a long standing reputation for being a leader in animal nutrition across the country.  The nutrition team at Kent has played a vital role in the nutrition programs of many successful livestock feeding operations in the country.  Kentís line of nutrition packages and additives power the nutrition program of many leading feed suppliers.  Kent Nutrition Group offers a full line of feed products for most any species. 

ANIMAN SOLUTIONS utilizes many of Kentís proprietary lines including BoVantage.  BoVantageô additive is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients, organic acids, vitamins and complexed trace minerals. The nutrient-dense mixture supplies anti-oxidants, natural chelating agents and contains prebiotics. BoVantage additive is the latest in nutritional technology for starting cattle of all ages!

When fed at the recommended levels, BoVantage feed additive can:

Promote a healthy rumen environment
Support the growth of beneficial bacteria
Help combat stress
Provide immune system support
Aid in nutrient availability and digestion

For more information regarding Kent and their products, visit www.kentfeeds.com.


A farm is a good thing, when it
begins and ends with itself, and
does not need a salary, or a shop,
to eke it out.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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~Ralph Waldo Emerson