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AniMan Solutions, Inc.

Phone: 615-688-8425

Fax: 615-688-8426

Email: office@animanag.com

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ANIMAN SOLUTIONS is a full line supplier of most commodity products available in the southeastern United States. We work with our customers all the way through delivery to ensure timely service and competitive pricing. Contracting options are also available for customers looking to lock in their ingredient costs.

ANIMAN SOLUTIONS offers our commodity products to all types of farming operations as well as feed mills.   We offer the ability to take the needs of smaller operations and combine them with the needs of other operations to create collective buys that help each producer lower their feed costs. We also utilize an extensive base of logistical services to offer competitive freight rates and timely service for each client.

Our commodity products include:

Corn Gluten
Distillers Grains
Soybean Hulls
Soybean Meal
Rice Bran
Rice Millfeed

Rice Hulls
Wheat Midds
Whole Cotton Seed
Cotton Seed Hulls
Cotton Seed Meal
Citrus Pulp Pellets
Peanut Hulls

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