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Sweetcake Enhances Forages

One look will tell you that SweetCakeTM Feed Supplements are unique.  In fact our patented manufacturing process has put them in a category all by themselves.  SweetCakeTM is formulated to enhance forage utilization by providing free-choice supplementation of the protein, vitamins and trace minerals that animals need to maintain peak performance.

Low Moisture/High Solids Content

Unlike poured tubs SweetCakeTM  is not liquefied then poured into molds.  It can't flow because there are too many solid feed ingredients added instead of water.

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Consistent Consumption Rate

Most cows require about 1 to 2 pounds of SweetCakeTM per day as compared to some other types of tubs that recommend a

daily consumption rate of 2.5 to 3 pounds.  Combining low consumption and high solids means animals get the nutrients they need at an economical price.

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Proper Nutrition Provides Benefit

For Beef Cattle

  • Stronger, healthier calves at birth

  • Heavier calves at weaning

  • Cows that milk better should raise a heavier calf

  • Short calving intervals

  • Bulls better conditioned to cover your cows

For Dairy Cattle

  • Replacement heifers that grow out soundly and economically, ready to breed and calve at an optimal age

  • Improves body condition of dry cows so they can return to lactation, producing at their maximum potential

  • Healthier herds with essential trace minerals that help prevent metritis, retained placentas and other health problems

  • Breeding efficiency increased because necessary nutrients are provided

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Feeding Recommendations

SweetCakeTM  tubs are designed for free-choice feeding in conjunction with good management practices.  Consumption is controlled by a number of factors, including composition and hardness of the supplement, quality and quantity of available roughage, weather condition, previous feeding practices, and management procedures.  For initial offering, place 1 tub for

 every 25-40 head.  Locate tubs in areas where animals congregate such as

  • Loafing areas

  • Near a water source

  • Where supplemental roughage is fed

Once animals have become accustomed to SweetCakeTM  tubs, consumption may be managed as follows:

  • To reduce consumption levels, decrease the number of tubs available or relocate them farther from loafing, water or feeding locations

  • To increase consumption levels, reverse the above practices.


Observe the Following Precautions:

  • Provide unlimited drinking water (watch for icing)

  • Provide adequate roughage in terms of both quantity and quality

  • Provide unrestricted access to necessary amounts of mineral supplements

  • Monitor consumption closely in order to control animal intake

  • Intake of these products should average 0.5 to 2.0 ob. per head per day based on formula selected and animal weight

  • (Higher consumption may occur if animals require more nutrients.)

For Year-Round Supplementation Try Our Sweetcake

Mineral Tub, With and Without Fly Control


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